How to Train Body and Mind


There are a lot of people out there working on their own self-improvement. Some people are out there training their bodies. Others are training their minds. Why not both? Most people subscribe to the idea that the body and the mind are two separate things. The idea is something along the lines of … [Read more...]

Recovering from a Workout

Recovery Drink

  Lifting weights isn't the part of your day that builds muscle, it actually tears them down. Your muscles grow during your recovery period between workouts. What you need during these recovery periods is two things: food and rest. Getting your macro nutrients (protein, fats, and … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t be a Nice Guy


  Author’s Note: Most of the ideas in this post come from a book I read recently called No More Mr. Nice Guy. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend getting a copy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nice guys finish last. That’s not a … [Read more...]

The Other Benefits of Working Out


Last week I went to lunch with an old friend of mine. He’s not old; we’ve just been friends for a long time. I usually hit the gym during my lunch break, so he made a comment about me slipping on my program. My friend then made this statement---I’m paraphrasing---, “I figured out why I don’t like … [Read more...]

Why you Need Better Friends


There’s an Assyrian proverb that says, “Show me your friends and I’ll know who you truly are.” The people we surround ourselves with tend to rub off on us. We pick up similar habits. We emulate their attitudes. We even develop similar speech patterns. This is why you should reevaluate your … [Read more...]

How to Get Protein on a Budget


Protein is an essential macronutrient for any diet and is necessary for building lean muscle. High protein foods can be expensive though. Here’s a few foods that’ll give you a good amount of protein for your buck. Tuna Tuna is probably the cheapest non-supplement, high-protein food. 1 can of … [Read more...]

Rock On!


Climbing to the top of fitness The first thing I see when I walk into a gym is the cardio equipment. It’s right up front. You have the stationary bikes first, treadmills in the middle and elliptical machines in the back, complete with half the gym members’ faces as expressionless as Kristen … [Read more...]